Meet Our Founders

Ann Marie Cunanan
Managing Director

With 20 years of expertise spanning Business Development, Social Entrepreneurship, Teaching, and Development Work, our founder is a seasoned professional dedicated to excellence. Driven by a passion for continuous learning and serving others, she thrives on making a meaningful impact through her work.

As one of the founders of Meaningful Travels Greenland, she brings a wealth of experience in the travel industry, ensuring exceptional travel experiences that are both enriching and sustainable. She spearheads operations, product creation, marketing, and fostering valuable partnerships. Her leadership is instrumental in driving the company’s growth and success, ensuring we deliver exceptional value and innovative solutions to our clients. Her commitment to making a positive difference is at the core of everything we do.

Kristine Jornadal
Business Strategy Director

Kristine Jornadal is a seasoned Entrepreneur and Business Manager with 20 years of experience in accounting, hospitality, and customer service. Her expertise in business development, strategic planning, financial analysis, and stakeholder management drives success in every venture.

As co-founder of Meaningful Travels Greenland, Kristine ensures the delivery of exceptional, unique, and enriching travel experiences. Her business acumen and understanding of market trends make her an invaluable asset to the company.

Kristine’s dedication to excellence and strategic foresight continue to propel Meaningful Travels Greenland to new heights, ensuring sustained growth and success in the competitive travel market


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