Fun Facts About Nuuk

Fun Facts About Nuuk by:
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  • Nuuk means “point (of a peninsula)” in the Greenlandic language. Its Danish name was “Godthaab “, which means “Good Hope”, when it was a colony.
  • Nuuk was founded in 1728 as a colony by the Danish-Norwegian missionary, Hans Egede.
  • You can find free WiFi at the Nuuk Public Library, which also makes up part of the Greenland National Library. Many hotels also include WiFi with the room.
  • Timezone: UTC / GMT -3

Why Nuuk?

The biggest city in Greenland, Nuuk is unlike any other capital in the world. Its small population (Nuuk has less than 20,000 people) means there is little air pollution. Peak hour lasts for about 15 minutes. And from Nuuk’s modern city center, you can walk for just a couple of minutes to reach the shores of the Nuuk Fjord – one of the world’s largest fjord systems, or drive less than 10 minutes to the base of the tall mountains that mark the entrance to an extensive backcountry. The views are unobstructed and unparalleled.

At the same time, Nuuk is home to gourmet restaurants, fashion boutiques, award-winning architecture, and several museums – including the living museum of Nuuk’s Colonial Harbour, where history and traditions remain strong in this vibrant and rapidly-growing city.


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